Thursday, 7 February 2013

Chatsworth House

Now something that you may not know about me is that I absolutely adore the UK. I have travelled to the UK a number of times with my most recent trip happening in October 2012.

My boyfriend and I have hired a motorhome on a couple of occasions to travel around England, Wales and Scotland and I must say it is truly the best way to see the beautiful countryside and experience the people.

If you are looking for a cheap way to travel the UK you really cannot go past a motorhome. We used JustGo on both occasions and we were never disappointed ( But I digress because what I really wanted to tell you about is a fantastic place we visited called Chatsworth House.

Now some of you may know Chatsworth House as Pembley from the BBC Pride and Prejudice series (Mr Darcy...swoon) but it is so much more than a film set.

You all know how much I love gardening, well Chatsworth House has an absolutely amazing garden. But when I say garden I mean 'grounds'. It is truly a massive house with massive grounds to explore.

This photo is not a fake. This is actually just one area of what the gardens look like at Chatsworth House (I must admit I was pretty proud of my very limited photography ability when I saw this photo printed out).

I literally could have spent all day exploring the house with its amazing art, sculpture and a truly magnificent library that book worms around the globe would die for (me included), the awe-inspiring gardens with the autumn colours catching the light, trying local produce from the on-sight store, and buying myself little treats from the gorgeous gift store.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my visit here. If you get a chance to visit the UK you really cannot go past Chatsworth House (