Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Holiday happiness

What a fantastic Easter break Luke and I had this year. It was actually the first year we haven't camped in a long long time but we still had a fantastic time in...Warwick, Queensland.

We made our way out to Warwick from home along the Cunningham Highway. This would have to be one of the best drives in south-east Queensland. The scenery is spectacular and the little towns dotted along the way make a great place to stop and explore (more on that later).

We arrived in Warwick on the Thursday afternoon before Good Friday and happily relaxed in the sunshine. I love that Warwick is always that bit cooler than Brisbane and I loved snuggling up under the doona.

The next day we set off to tackle the Condamine Gorge track from Killarney to Queen Mary Falls. This would have to be one of the best 4wd tracks we have done in a long time. There was lots of easy little river crossings and the scenery was lush and green. Just amazing! I would be more than happy owning a little cabin in the bush here.

When we arrived at Queen Mary Falls carpark we made our way along the track to the falls themselves and we were just so lucky to have such a beautiful day. Not too hot and not too cold and the falls were running. We were covered in spray every now and again as Luke practiced his photography skills on our new DSLR camera.

We celebrated our little trek by having a leisurely lunch at the cafe across from the carpark at the caravan park and I spoilt myself by buying a little WoodWick candle.

Another beautiful day in Warwick!

The next day we headed to the Easter markets in Leslie Park in Warwick and once again I couldn't resist buying a cute little geranium, and some lovely wood work pieces (a honey wand and bread board).

It was a beautiful cool but sunny morning and we decided that on the way home we would stop in at Glengallan Homestead which is just outside Warwick heading back to Brisbane (just on the Toowoomba turn off).

I had no idea that this place even existed but I was so glad that Luke and I decided to check it out. The grounds and views were stunning and the homestead itself helps you realise how nature can reclaim any property if left without care. The homestead is slowly being restored and the story of the families who have lived and worked there is just so interesting.

P.S. I also saw and owl on the verandah (the first time I have seen an owl in real life).

We also made a stop at the top of the range and took a stroll to the lookout.

On our way home we stopped in at Aratula for lunch and a quick squiz at the antiques shop there. We purchased some beautiful local honey and lost ourselves amongst all the antiques for a little while and dreamed of all the things we could make and do up in that place.

All in all a fantastic break so close to home and one I would recommend to anyone. I will definitely being doing it again.