Friday, 17 January 2014

More recycled furniture - Singer sewing machine

The very handy Luke and I recently bought a new BBQ. We decided on a little Weber Q but we were not sure what to put it on. We were not massive fans of the standard Weber stands, and other stands we found were just not our style.

I decided to have a look on Gumtree for an old Singer sewing machine stand. Now my parents do have a lovingly restored Singer sewing machine stand so maybe I had that in the back of my mind.

There have been a lot of different types of Singer sewing machines over the many years and this lovely blog has some beautiful illustrations and interesting information. Some are extremely rare. If you are lucky you can find a type that really suits your style and budget.

I was lucky enough to pick up one from a lovely gentleman for $50 and my awesome Dad helped me to pick it up. Now it was not in the best condition when we found it. It was in pieces and very rusty but completely salvageable.

Luke had to file off the rust first. He did this with a drill and a metal rasp type attachment. I promise I did give it a go but I just could not get the hang of it. This certainly took a few hours but the results were worth it. We could have arranged for an acid dip or the like but this way we got a real sense of achievement.

To avoid rust in the future and to return the stand to its former glory, we sprayed the stand with Kill Rust gloss black spray paint.

We made sure the stand was together before spray painting it so that the bolts were matched to the frame. We did need to source some new bolts but our second home (Masters) definitely helped out with this little task.

The other thing that we needed to source was a table top to put on top of the stand. Luke and I just love old rustic recycled timber so we headed to our local Big Red Shed. The lovely gentleman here pointed us in the direction of an old saw table. It was just so beautiful and all we did was cut it to size and give it some oil and that was that. Our new BBQ had a beautiful new home.

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