Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bloggy amazing: Down to earth

I must admit I am a little bit obsessed with quite a large number of blogs at the moment. I really enjoy reading about how other people live and what makes them tick. This coupled with beautiful and interesting photos ensures I enjoy a blissful few minutes each day being inspired (or sometimes jealous really).

One local Sunshine Coast lady who has an amazing blog is called Rhonda Hetzel. Her blog, 'Down to earth' makes me want a more simple existence where I get real satisfaction from the actions I perform as opposed to what I buy/consume. With a few chickens thrown in too.

I was so inspired by her blog that I bought her book known by the same name (I just love the feeling of a good book in my hands). I want to try so many things from this blog/book (like making my own soap) so I will bring you the results of my trials and tribulations over the coming weeks (even if they are disastrous).

I really, truly, honestly recommend this amazing blog for ideas and guidance on saving and spending, housework, gardening and cooking. Rhonda is the first to acknowledge that not all her ideas are for everyone but she imparts to others what has worked for her in her own situation and hopefully people can use that experience to help find inspiration to live a more simple life.

Rhonda has certainly made me think twice about what I buy (although I could not resist a beautiful Monty Don book - more on that later). Anyway, please take the time to have a peak at Rhonda's blog and hopefully you can be inspired at least for a few minutes each day.

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