Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Wheelbarrow garden planter

The super talented Luke has been at it again (with his trusty apprentice who tries really hard...me). He has been going crazy for pallet projects. Pallets are a really inexpensive way of getting great looking rustic timber with loads of character.

Many places give them away for free or talk with some local builders in your area and maybe they will be kind enough to give you some (remember ask with a smile). I also sometimes see businesses in industrial areas giving them away for free (it really helps to have a ute in these situations...we are very lucky in that respect).

One pallet project that I love is the wheelbarrow garden planter by Steve Ramsey.

Steve is a fantastic vlogger with a very helpful website. Luke used his plans to make this amazing planter for me.

You can even watch Steve himself make this super cute planter on his YouTube channel.

We have put the planter in our front yard and put a few annuals in there. I went with some classic petunias in purple and pink tones but I think any plant would look amazing. I am trying for a cottage garden theme so petunias are a cheap and cheerful way to achieve that look. Hopefully I can put a few plants in there that I have grown from cuttings but more on that sometime later in the blog.

If you are a handyman or woman give a pallet project a try and Steve will certainly give you some inspiration.

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